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I am based in Salem, Oregon and am available to speak at classes or events.  In most instances this can be free of charge.  I am also available for private lessons or consultations regarding photography. Instruction and video related assistance or tutorials are at a reduced rate.  Photo restorations are also available.  My hourly rate for photographic service is $80.00 per hour, (in 1/2 hour increments) with a 3 hour minimum, including travel and post digital processing times.  Sorry, I no longer photograph weddings.  Other events are at the normal rate. If you would like a free consultation or to order prints please feel free to contact me by email, call or text message.  Prints come matted, mounted, signed, numbered and framed.  Credit and Debit cards accepted through Paypal.

(Upper left) With my 4x5 view camera. (Lower left) Taking aerial photographs in a helicopter. (Middle) With students at the Chaffee Zoo in Fresno, Calif. (Below) Out shooting photographs in the snow at Shaver Lake, Calif. 

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